TGVIS ® iPhone 12 Pro Craftsmanship SHARP series

  • Rs. 2,999.00
  • Rs. 3,499.00
  • - 14%

Overall protective design made of polymers material withstands heavy duty and the Grid pattern on the inner side of the shell can break down unexpected shock and crash impact. This case is a great solution in face of external shocks.


  • Outer skin- Polycarbonate
  • Perimeter of the case - Flexane
  • Rugged construction for all round protection
  • Patent Fall proof 
  • Great sleekness in appearance.
  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Flexible.
  • Food safe and washable.
  • Toughness and High impact strength.
  • Easier installation process due to its lightweight.
  • Supports wireless charging.
  • Heat resistant ( Polycarbonates are thermally stable up to 135°C.)
  • Air Corner Shockproof Protection.