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6 tech accessories you should have while travelling

Travelling has become an essential part of our lives, we usually travel miles in a year for work or spending vacations at favourite destinations. Being a traveller the most difficult task is to work out on what to pack and what to leave behind. Tech gadgets are part and parcel wherever you go and they must be in your backpacks. I know you will be thinking about your Smartphone and Charger but besides these tech gears- a number of travel gadgets are there to make your trip enjoyable and memorable.

Many travellers didn’t add these gadgets in their carry-on and thus face many difficult situations while travelling or after reaching destination. At that time whether they have to buy the new product or just repent at their mistake.

Today you will get the list of essential gadgets you must have while travelling.



  1. USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive 

USB Flash drive will be essential equipment for you to share your data with hotel front desk so that they can easily take print or attach your documents that proves your identity.

Apart from this you can use it for external storage like saving your photos and videos so that your Phone’s memory will release.



  1. USB Charging Cables

USB Charging Cables

Going on a long trip? If so then make sure you have extra USB charger cables with you. Most of the people lost  or damage their cables at home or while travelling. It will be savage for you to have two or more cables so that you can have a backup for other cable.  


  1. Universal Portable Power Bank

Portable Power Bank 

Imagine you are listening up music or capturing photos on your trip and suddenly battery come to dead end. The gadget that will rescue you in this situation is power bank and it will be amazing if you carry a solar Power bank. With this, you didn’t need to search for electric plug to charge your battery or power bank. It is very easy to carry on the go.



  1. Waterproof Phone case

 waterproof Phone case

Carrying a Phone case to protect your gadget from water and scratches is the best idea when you are travelling to a coastal area. It can also be a saviour in bad weather as you will never get anything to save your Phone at distant location.



wireless Bluetooth Earphone

wireless Bluetooth earphone  

a best gadget to carry with you while travelling, you do not need to mess with tangled wires of earphones . it fits easily on your ear and no risk of dropping lets you listen music and attend video call with a single touch while walking or doing others tasks with your hand.cry of baby and other noises are common while travelling but with these Earphones you will get relief from them because of noise reduction facility provided within it.



Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Anti theft travel backpack 

This multi functional backpack is the gadget of 21st century that will make your trip experience more comfortable. This backpack comes with large capacity and its design makes it easy to carry on shoulders. The best function is its Anti Theft feature that make it safe and is not available in any other backpack. It also comprises of USB charging system that allows you to connect a power bank to internal point and your Smartphone to external point. 



This is my list of essential tech gears on the basis of my travelling experience. What is your opinion about this list? Which gadgets will you consider necessary?

Let us know through your comments…

November 10, 2017 by Anurag Joshi


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